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Funn i Hafrsfjord

The Association Findings in Hafrsfjord (org. No. 817283632) was formed 15.12.2015 by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to contribute with knowledge and expertise to find the specific battle site at Hafrsfjord. If we succeed to find objects considered to originate from the Battle of Hafrsfjord, it will shed light on the actual event and bring it closer in our shared national consciousness. By revealing concrete evidence, the battle site will emerge from the ancient sagas, and gain a more clarified, central and rightfully place in Norway’s history today.


The purpose of the Association is first and foremost to assist in assuring that our national historical heritage is enriched by historical evidences from the battle of Hafrsfjord.

This will be a comprehensive work with regard to studying the methodology, equipment and vessels needed to perform suitable marine operations in Hafrsfjorden. Seabed survey signals will require extensive analyses, and careful marine archeological procedures need to be stablished for the operation.

The Association needs to plan and provide funds to make the necessary investigations. Then we have to carry out the exploration work and hopefully reveal the findings through a step by step approach.


Our vision is that our work will reveal findings and thereby prove the Battle of Hafrsfjord has happened as described by the sagas, which confirms it to be the defining event in the establishment of the Norwegian and Islandic nations.