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Most historians have dated the Battle of Hafrsfjord to around year 872 AD. The battle has been judged to be the larges and the decisive battle in the long power dispute initiated by Harald “luva” Halvdansson’s claim for being a king above all other kings of the various firths of the North Way.

Haraldskvæði – a contemporary poem

Haraldskvæði – a contemporary poem


The poem “Hrafnsmál” – Song of the raven Hrafnsmál, or Words of the Raven, is a poem attributed to Norwegian skald (poet) Þorbjörn hornklofi.  The HRAFNSMÓL, or Haraldskvadet in Norwegian, is a contemporary poem. It features a raven & valkyrie discussing King Harald fairhair Halvdansson’s macho life & bloody deeds. Lee Hollander has translated a […]

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